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I thought it might be fun/helpful to have an easy link to each of my Pinterest boards. Actually, I’ve just linked to the quilting/crafting related boards, the rest you can see if you visit my Pinterest account. I use Pinterest as a place to store and categorize links to inspiring websites and blogs or blog posts I find out in the Internet. I subscribe to A LOT of blogs through e-mail so when I see a post that I think is useful, I pin it to a board for future reference. If you are already on Pinterest, you can find me under craftygirlanna. And if you aren’t on Pinterest yet, please e-mail me¬†and I’ll be happy to send you an invitation!

Quilting Boards:

Block of the Month Ideas

Scrappy Quilts and Organizing Tips

Solid Quilts

Hand Quilting Ideas/Tutorials

Quilting Designs

Quilt Block Tutorials

Mini Quilt Inspiration

Quilt Alongs

Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt

Binding Tips

Curvy Quilt Inspiration

Sewing Boards:

Sewing Tutorials

Helpful Tutorials

Other Random Boards:

Crafty Organizing Tips

Crochet Stuff

Books Worth Reading

Crafty Business Stuff

One thought on “Pinterest Boards

  1. Hi Anna, I hope you are having a great year with a lot a good changes in your life. I was wondering if you still have fabric and sip piles to sell. Please let me know, I couldn’t get info from crafty website. Thanks

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